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Online Assessments

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Online Assessments

We have developed several online assessment tools that can help you implement every aspect of the ICXS2019 and IDCXS2022 criteria.

Our online assessment types detail the FULL requirements for each criterion, enabling assessors to complete a comprehensive review.

This will typically be used by an organisation, and/or its consultants as well as our certification partners to assess progress and the overall result – determining your performance against our ICXS2019 or IDCXS2022 standard. This makes it extremely helpful as a continuous improvement and benchmarking tool.

All assessment reports conducted by or for an organisation are retained securely within our online portal. These can then be printed for circulation or a more comprehensive internal review.

Typical Assessment Report generated by the system

ICXI Report

Assessment Types

All registered users have the option to conduct various types of assessments through our Online Reporting Solution.

Free Introductory ICXS2019 Assessment

This assessment allows organisations to conduct a FREE self-assessment across key aspects (not all of the requirements) of each section within the standard. The report provides a summary of the results and allows the organisation's management team to receive an overview of their status compared to the full standard assessment.

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Comprehensive And Detailed Reporting Assessment

This will provide organisations with a comprehensive and detailed report including action plans that can support the implementation of ICXS2019 and IDCXS2022. This assessment is sometimes referred to as the Initial or Gap Analysis Assessment.

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Certification And Surveillence Assessments

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the global certification partner of ICXI. Only they can carry out third-party Certification and Surveillance Assessments for the IDCXS2022 standard. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of BSI Certification.

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Certification is valid for a maximum of 3 years including surveillance assessment by one of our Partners each year during this period. If you would like to request further re-assessment, you may do so no earlier than 6 months after a previous certification assessment.

All assessment results are completed and reported online, with comments for each criterion from the assessors. These are then generated as a PDF report with the overall customer experience service excellence performance score and results for each individual section.

A history of every assessment is also retained online for further reference and benchmarking.

Hundreds of organisations around the world have implemented the ICXS2019 standard, which provides the framework for delivering customer experience service excellence from a “physical location”, you can now do the same for your organisations’ digital delivery channels with the new IDCXS2022 Standard.


Assess your organisation to our NEW DIGITAL STANDARD IDCXS2022