IDCXS2022 – International Digital Customer Experience Standard

International Digital Customer Experience Standard IDCXS2022

At the core of the new IDCXS standard is the original 5Ps Service Excellence Model. This was created and developed as part of a study at Brunel University in the UK to identify all the elements within an organisation which impact service quality.

Much has changed since this was originally developed. For one, digital delivery of services and products has been growing exponentially!

When developing the International Digital Customer Experience Standard, we involved many global experts in all aspects of digital delivery. This, paired with 3 years of development, trials, improvements, and a review cycle have resulted in the world’s first Digital Customer Experience Standard.

The 5 P’s Model

The 5Ps model is accepted globally as the core principle for ensuring customer experience service excellence across any type of organisation.

It now provides a brilliantly powerful, fool-proof diagnostic tool for analysing your customer experience systems, processes, communications and much more.

As a result, organisations can drill down to forensic levels of detail, understanding more clearly where improvements can be made.

Having been internationally applied for over 30 years, it can rationalise key factors into several component elements, making performance analysis more manageable for organisations in the private and public sectors.

The additional Measurement of Performance Results also provides a way of monitoring and continuously improving customer experience service excellence.

service excellence model



Do your organisation’s policies outline the parameters for the following:

  • Products/digital services
  • Digital channels
  • Processes
  • People

And do they determine priorities for the allocation of resources to deliver service excellence and excellent user experience?

Places – Digital Channels

Are the digital portals, mobile apps, online etc. the ways by which the customer chooses to access the organisations services designed according to the quality, resilience and robustness needs and expectations of the customer?

Products / Services – Physical Services

Is the performance of your products/services fit for purpose and consistent with existing digital performance expectations?

Processes & Customer Journey Maps

How effective are the organisation’s processes in delivering the desired outcome to customers and users across all services?

Is the customer experience end-to-end journey maps defined and measured?


Are your employees sufficiently skilled and motivated to ensure products and services are delivered to fulfil customer and user needs? Do you take employee needs and happiness into consideration when analysing and developing the customer journey?

Measurement of Performance

Definition and implementation of performance measurement across all the digital services will provide foundations for customer experience service excellence and employee happiness.

Performance Results

How the research and other related performance measures conducted can identify levels of happiness and satisfaction in customers and employees.

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Online Assessment – Scoring model for IDCXS2022


Available Points

Digital Channels
Products / Services – Physical Services
Processes & Customer Journey Maps
Measurement of Performance
Performance Measurement Results



How does your organisation compare to others?