Certification to our Standards


Typical Certification Journey

For full details on the process, you can contact one of our Accredited Consulting Partners.

Implementation Overview

What to do before you get started:


You will need to purchase a copy of the Standard you are interested in from our Online Shop

Improve Delivery

Improve the delivery of digital service excellence and user experience standards.

Product / Service Portfolio

You shall prepare a product/service portfolio detailing the main features of each you deliver

Production & Adherence

Organisational Leadership Commitment is shown through the production of and adherence to the Strategic Intent document, in all our Standards.

Organisational Chart

You shall prepare, update and make an organisational chart available for all relevant parties of the organisation. This should clearly identify where responsibility and accountability for customer experience delivery lye.

Our BSI Connection

ICXI has partnered with BSI since the inaugural certification back in 2007, since then BSI have proven to be in our opinion the leading Certification body in the world and we are immensely proud to have them on board as our exclusive IDCXS certification partner.

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Our New Standards

Hundreds of organisations around the world have implemented the ICXS2019 standard, which provides the framework for delivering customer experience service excellence from a “physical location”, you can now do the same for your organisations’ digital delivery channels with the new IDCXS2022 Standard.