ICXI Membership

What is ICXI Membership?

Like our Education programme, we took our time to develop then launch our new Membership programme.

We have watched and monitored then benchmarked a myriad of CX Membership initiatives – but we think ours will become the best in class, for several reasons:

  • FREE for LIFE for the Professional Member criteria.
  • ICXI driven forum discussions.
  • Discounts on all ICXI Standards and Frameworks
  • Discounts for all our Education courses
  • Discounts on all of our Online assessments
  • Access to our unique Stagfox AI tool
  • Qualified and Experienced Members can apply to become “CX Fellows”

Upcoming Membership Types

  • CX Awards Judging Expert
  • CX Consultant / Advisor
  • CX Practitioner
  • CX Professional

  • CX Service Director
  • CX Service Manager
  • ICXI Approved Consultant / Advisor
  • ICXI Approved CX Assessor
  • ICXI Approved CX Consultant / Advisor
  • IXCI Approved CX Judging Expert
  • ICXI Approved Practitioner
  • Member

Membership Types

  • Professional Member – Free for Life
  • Expert Professional Member

    • $99 in year 1
    • $25 per annum thereafter
  • Organisational Membership Types

    • Small (up to 50 employees) – FREE
    • Medium (51 – 250 employees) – $250 per annum
    • Large (250 – 1000 employees) – $499 per annum
    • Corporate (1000+ employees – $999 per annum

Stagfox AI

ICXI Members will be able to get access to our unique Stagfox AI a Powerful and Smart AI solution for answering all of your CX questions.

Utilising our bespoke machine algorithms, Stagfox AI is learning every day and our primary objective is for Stagfox to become the Primary global repository on all things CX.