The International Customer Experience Institute (ICXI) is dedicated to the recognition and sharing of global best practices within customer digital experience. 

The Institute was founded in the United Kingdom with the goal of setting global standards for Customer Service and Customer Experience Excellence IDCXS2022 reflects  international growth in terms of scale, reach and scope of digital transformation and services. 

One of the primary aims of IDCXS2022 is to motivate organisations to focus their attention on the customer digital experience through the delivery of digital service excellence techniques.

This means also taking into consideration the evolution of digital services offerings including: 

  • Online and mobile 
  • Mobile 
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud services 
  • omni channels 
  • AI
  • IOT 

As well as other related digital technologies. 

This new standard contains, the proven core principles of Customer Experience and combines these with key customer User and digital Experience considerations and measurable. As a result, we have created a flexible yet quantifiable framework for organisations like yours to follow.